The Reason for the Existence of a Forex Market

For whatever reason, history appears to be a course that not many people were interested in recently. History nonetheless is a very important course to take and when you take a history course you are able to identify the different parts of history that have made something what it is. Many people are interested in the Forex market and are interested in making their money in trading Forex, but many people don’t really understand the history of the Forex market. And really, nobody can blame them. The Forex market is such a hugely liquid market that many people have no interest in it beyond executing as many trades as possible and this in turn is what blinds them to a number of the other issues at hand. The fact is that understanding the history of the Forex market is important because any major changes that happen to it can be better contrasted with the changing status quo if the history is known. This article aims to explain some of that history.

Before Globalization

To many people, the history of the Forex market is one that is largely confusing. The idea that the market came into being almost instantaneously is somewhat erroneous and unfortunately is what the majority of the people believe. What the internet has done for the market is allow true globalization and therefore choice in currency pairs, but ultimately there was a very strong and very vibrant Forex market in place in a number of different countries well before the advent of high speed internet and the universal globalization of the Forex market. Before globalization, the ideas behind the Forex market were primarily generated by banks and large investment firms. Banks traded currencies on the orders of billions of dollars each day and in addition there were investment firms that traded currencies on the orders of millions of dollars each day in addition. These companies often operated alone and autonomously from their different areas around the world and because of that there was not a particularly large amount of competition with each other or the market. That all changed after globalization, of course.

After Globalization

The after globalization history is quite a bit different from the pre-globalization history and because of that many people will recognize many parts of Forex history as it occurred after globalization. The advent of the internet in many ways is really what fuelled globalization of the Forex market simply because through the internet it was possible for collaboration on a global scale. Private corporations like banking companies and investment firms already had access to global technology, but by and large they chose to work on their own rather than collaborating with others. Personal individuals did not really follow that stream though. Many people published Forex trading strategies and many more used them and reported on the success that they had had with them. The global Forex movement developed from that and now Forex brokers commonly offer at least a dozen different currency pairs for people to trade.