Forex Swing Trading

Forex swing trading is a style of fast trading. The investor attempts to capture gains in a currency exchange within the time span of one to four days, but also up to a few weeks or months. Forex swing trading is generally done by individual day traders as opposed to large financial institutions and brokerages. This is because the large institutions trade in such great volumes that they are too big to move in and out of trades so easily. In contrast to these bulky slow moving titans of finance, slick day traders can move in and out of trades quickly. They can technically analyze currencies, looking for cycles and patterns to determine when to sell and when to buy. Actually swing traders are somewhere in the middle of the continuum of Forex. Scalpers make from a dozen to hundreds of trades a day, scalping the market for profit. Day traders trade each day keep their currency buys from a few minutes to a few hours. And Forex swing trading investors keep their investments from days to months. Of course, Forex is not black and white. People can hold some investments for a few minutes and others for eternity. The overall point, however, is that in Forex swing trading, the little guy – you and me – have the upper hand.