School of Pipsology

Forex trading is part of a group of activities that are classified as being the more rewarding financial profession currently in existence. Along with trading stocks, trading bonds, trading futures, and trading indices, the Forex trading success that you enjoy, if you enjoy it, has the potential to be by far the most financially rewarding thing you ever have the privilege to experience. That is documented by a number of new professional traders that have come into trading from other professions, and you’ll be now surprised at the number of full time foreign exchange traders. However becoming good at Forex trading involves a lot more than just buying a system that works for you; it involves really understanding the way that Forex works and that can only be done through sound study of the fundamentals and then building on those fundamentals to the advanced concepts that separate the good traders from the poor. The good news is that those fundamentals don’t have to take forever to learn; in fact you can learn them in just a few months or even a few weeks study thanks in large part to the School of Pipsology.

School of Pipsology

babypips dot com is the home of the famous School of Pipsology; the home of a number of different excellent lessons on the world of Forex and Forex trading. There are so many different Forex traders around that offer you terrible information and charge you plenty of cash to do so, whereas the school of Pipsology is free to look through and offers some of the best information around. Rather than making outrageous promises of gains and money, they promise to do their best to teach you the concepts and then say that only you can take those concepts, expand them and then use them to propel yourself to trading success.

School Setup

The school is made up of 27 different levels, all of which teach something to the aspiring Forex trader. Starting from the pre-school lessons about the very basics of Forex all the way up to the college level lessons about trading divergences, there are so many different lessons that give you a wealth of useful information that will help give you the tools you need to succeed in the Forex market. And oh, did we mention that all of the courses are free? It bears repeating, simply because this is the best information you will get on the internet about Forex and as seems to constantly be the case, it happens to be free!


While many articles are available on the internet regarding different aspects of Forex, a good central location for you to start your Forex education has to be the school of Pipsology. With the great information, lack of cost and the support you can get from their discussion forums, there really is no better resource currently available on the internet. Add the realism factor you get while studying there and it becomes a no brainer. So head over and start learning now!