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  1. Sharware and Freeware: Top 50 Winsock Apps Only the Best Winsock Shareware & Freeware
  2. Shareware: Spaeder Technologies Software Home of 32-bit applications and utilities for the PC desktop and Internet!
  3. Shareware: Advertising & Promotional Software for Your Site! Advertising and Promotion software to gain TOP visibility in the Major Search Engines.
  4. Shareware: Genesoft Developments Minimize Magic, Minimizes any program to the system tray instead of the Taskbar
  5. Sharware and Freeware: Windows 95 Emporium Themes, games, software, shareware, screen savers, and lots of downloads for Windows 95. It's worth a look!
  6. Sharware and Freeware: Internet Business Cards Send you business card over the Internet with IBCards - PC Week's Tool of the Week - 2-9-98
  7. Sharware and Freeware: Wow! Your Lucky Numbers 2001 The Revolution in Lottery Prediction - New Shareware and Freeware for the US and the rest of the world. Even free Online Numbers!
  8. Shareware: Gicken Systems Software TelStar v1.2.6 - telnet client for Win95 & WinNT. Supports ANSI, VT100, and WYSE60.
  9. Shareware: Gallicrow Software Win a free copy of Imprint - the utility for printing text, postscript and binary files
  10. Shareware: WinDates Holiday, birthday, event reminder / Task Tray calendar
  11. Sharware and Freeware: The Viper Spider Website promotion software to submit your website and increase website traffic. - trial use.
  12. Sharware and Freeware: Shareware and Freeware for Macs and PCs Games (like Doom, Quake, Command and Conquer), Computer tools (performance, screensavers like Titanic, Bud Ice, Garfield), Internet tools, more!
  13. Sharware and Freeware: SharePaper

    The best software rated and reviewed, complete with screen shots.

  14. Sharware and Freeware: Home Page Resource Connection Free tools and software for your site. Free link checker, html editors, web page, html checker, submission software, free reports. More!
  15. Sharware and Freeware: Chazhound's Free Games 100's of free games to download. Download Pet games, play free e-mail lotto. More fun on site.
  16. Shareware: WinAbility.Com

    Useful Windows utilities and security software

  17. Shareware: Browse-O-Mati c

    An amazing new browser for the internet power user!

  18. Shareware: MURK! Can you survive the Tomb of the Savage God?
  19. Shareware: Braser Soft Learn Spanish / Aprender ingl?s Excellent programs to learn Spanish, or for Spanish speakers to learn English (EFL)
  20. Shareware: Oakdale Engineering DataFit nonlinear regression (curve fitting) and data plotting software
  21. Sharware and Freeware: Allen's WinAppsLis t Shareware, Freeware, and Commercial Software for Windows 95, 98, and NT.
  22. Shareware: Visual Day Planner 6.0 for Windows 95/NT HomePC Editor's Choice award-winning calendar, a perfect tool to share scheduling information among colleagues!
  23. Shareware: RedBox Organizer 2.01 for Windows 95/NT If you still haven't found a PIM you like, RedBox Organizer is well worth a download. - ZDNet Review
  24. Shareware: Moon/Sun Calendar Appointment/anniversary calendar with moon and sun rise/set times for 400 locations
  25. Freeware: Freehound freeware Free software downloads for windows, Games, Audio, Graphic utilities, Desktop tools. Everything is - here. Multimedia Postcards. Check it out today
  26. Sharware and Freeware: PolyVision Software Freeware, Award winning software, Educational, Desktop Pub, Internet Utilities and more!
  27. Sharware and Freeware: Family Games Non-violent freeware and shareware games and entertainments for kids and their families. Adventure games, quizzes, puzzles and more.
  28. Shareware: Cascoly -- Screensavers -- win a free CD ! Educational games, puzzles, weekly giveaway of a free CD
  29. Shareware: Gravityball Get the ball from Start to Finish using bumpers, worm holes, and gravity wells while racking up points. - - ! Great Graphics and Sound !!!
  30. Shareware: Make Spectacular Multimedia Slide Show/Scrn Save r Make a - show with your images,video,animation,text & sounds. Over 100 special effects with music on a background of randomly changing colors
  31. Shareware: JSoft Consulting NotePads+, Bio-Rhythms, Calendar+, 1st Contact - - downloads of quality software
  32. Sharware and Freeware: Keeping your passwords safe with PGP Program to keep your many passwords secure but usable
  33. Sharware and Freeware: Numerology & Astrology & Past Lives Software award-winning software
  34. Freeware: Pedit - Program Editor V3.10 Similar to the DOS - program, but more powerful, and with many additional features for programmers.
  35. Freeware: The Freeware Source Hundreds of true Freeware games (no shareware/demos). Come see why this site was selected as a Starting Point
  36. Shareware: Atalan Magic Squares Easy, challenging, fun... What else do you need?
  37. Sharware and Freeware: ShareMe Windows Shareware

    Any Windows Shareware.. Authors Post Real-Time!

  38. Shareware: Graphics Fun Ware Graphics, Screen Savers and Fun Stuff
  39. Sharware and Freeware: Your Software Resource Center
  40. Sharware and Freeware: Y our Software Resource for Windows NT
  41. Freeware: CRAZY COWS - by Runt Time Control a full army of mad cows in this turn-based strategy game up to 16 levels!!! Includes map editor.
  42. Shareware: Easycab v4.0 Cabinet Designer New! Preview Easycab 32bit woodworking software for windows 95-98.
  43. Shareware: Amy's Early Learning Software by Devasoft For must-have educational software for your child, visit Amy's home on the web. Learning is fun when you have a cute puppy along to help you out!
  44. Sharware and Freeware: Rapid*Address! for Windows 95/NT Using instant Zip Code lookup Rapid*Address! can copy address information to any program. Save keystrokes and increases accuracy! Many other features!
  45. Sharware and Freeware: Alkaid Software The smallest DOS utilities around. Plus, if you're interested in trying out Linux, visit our links to the smallest downloadable Linux distributions.
  46. Shareware: PC - General Ledger for Windows Fast, simple bookkeeping for small business, not-for-profit organizations, personal use. Journal entries, cash receipts journal, print checks.
  47. Shareware: Steve's Page For Windows 95 The Place For Must Have Shareware, Freeware And Utilities For Windows 95
  48. Freeware: Plamen's Downloads my programs
  49. Shareware: Get your - copy of SmartDraw! Draw Flowcharts, Org Charts, Web Graphics and more! Voted the Best Business Program of 1997.
  50. Shareware: - BBS S.L. ActiveX shareware
  51. Sharware and Freeware: Night Owl's Publisher Inc Over 70.000 files online with 100 megs of new stuff added weekly, And a drag racing page with live Video.
  52. Sharware and Freeware: SoftSeek Over 10,000 full reviewed shareware, freeware and evaluation titles for free download. Games, Internet Apps, Utilities, Screen Savers, Desktop Themes.
  53. Sharware and Freeware: DJS Ware homepage 32 bit windows shareware and freeware + other shareware links
  54. Shareware: Explode Shareware Shareware, Freeware, screen savers, games, java etc..
  55. Sharware and Freeware: The Shareware Place Our software library has all category titles. Direct search and download. Visit our 100,000 title store!
  56. Shareware: Home Video Library Deluxe Edition Version 2.0

    The best way to catalog your DVD, VHS, and Laserdisc video titles. Runs in Win 3.1 & 95. Massive search, print and help functions.

  57. Shareware: BikePro Cycling Software Cycling Software for - Cyclists!
  58. Shareware: ZanNet Provides Windows 95 network drive access your UNIX server
  59. Shareware: The Shareware Author indeX (SAX) Find over 3800 shareware homepages, reviews, order-forms, maintained by 1750 authors.
  60. Sharware and Freeware: Teacher Time Saver Teachers! Download Mac shareware and freeware here.
  61. Shareware: 1st Choice FTPPro98 1st Choice FTPPro98 looks and feels just like Windows Explorer, except you can also transfer files to and from FTP sites.
  62. Freeware: blind tetris arcade
  63. Shareware: Retriever Great image viewer & thumbnailer. It finds duplicate images!
  64. Shareware: UCALC Multipurpose calculator. 5-stars on ZDNet, top pick on CNET's
  65. Shareware: Othello Shareware version 2.1 of the classic board game
  66. Shareware: Total Recall Learning System v2.0c The ultimate study tool.
  67. Freeware: MicroNexus Software Australia

    Windows Utilities - Year 2000 - Freeware

  68. Shareware: Seraline Screensavers Seraline ScreenSavers produce an endless variety of colorful, creative images, including 3d and fractals.
  69. Sharware and Freeware: Solitaire Central A central resource for solitaire and patience card game enthusiasts.
  70. Sharware and Freeware: WaverlyStreet QuickRef time & money tracker - Easy Money personal income/expense - ShareCon contacts database!
  71. Shareware: Clays Shareware Links

    Add your shareware link here, or view the 150 links.

  72. Shareware: Stay Connected! 2.0 for Windows 95/NT An award winning utility that prevents ISP from disconnecting your dial-up session.
  73. Freeware: Chub Gam 3-D: Director's Cut v2.0 by ChubGamSoft 3-D Action/Adventure Freeware Game a la Quake.
  74. Shareware: Surfin Annette Filtering Web Browser for Children Family PC Recommended, Windows Magazine Top 10...filters, blocks and protects
  75. Shareware: PowerBar Using windows ? , you need a toolbar , ZDNet 5 star.
  76. Shareware: Retro Software Designs Universal Biorhythms is a clean, small, and inexpensive Biorhythm program. - - - -! Download avaliable here.
  77. Shareware: Sheppard Software
  78. Shareware: Net2Phone Make Phone calls from your computer to any phone in the world! Free 800 and 888 calls. eg. rate: 13 cents/min. to the UK!
  79. Shareware: Les Jeux GB Word puzzle shareware games (for real gamers & puzzlers)
  80. Shareware: Richard Hierro's Shareware Games Shareware games
  81. Shareware: MoneyTime v4.1 for Win95 Financial calculator for loans, investments, amortization schedules and other calculations involving compound interest.
  82. Sharware and Freeware: Shareware and Freeware Search Engines Search dozens of sites and millions of files for the exact shareware or freeware program you seek.
  83. Shareware: Charon Software SysTray ActiveX Control SysTray is a 32-bit ActiveX control for Visual Basic (and other languages) that allows you to safely place an icon in the system tray!
  84. Shareware: DCD Promotional Spider Promote your webpage to over 399 search engines and directories
  85. Shareware: Screen Paver 1.6 A Windows 95/NT Jpeg/Bitmap Screen Saver. Use an unlimited number of your own images.
  86. Freeware: ChrisSoft freeware games writen by me
  87. Sharware and Freeware: Software Center - Home of Downloads Home of best downloads - personal reviews, ratings and free downloads of most popular programs for Windows. Free newsletter, top lists and more...
  88. Shareware: Spheric A spherical geometry calculator for navigators and armchati travelers
  89. Shareware: The Mighty Midget A tiny but smart and handy Windows calculator
  90. Freeware: EzeDiary An easy to use diary with notes, reminders and search facility.
  91. Sharware and Freeware: Best Of The Web's Presents This Week's Top Picks Best Links And Sites To Shareware Utilities, Games, Media Clips, Resources, Collections, And Much More
  92. Shareware: Oliver Extension Oliver is an ISAPI Extension DLL for IIS server to accept form-based file upload in HTML. The extension interprets forms with the -...
  93. Shareware: Home Video Organizer Easily catelog your home videos
  94. Shareware: The Racing System Race timing software
  95. Shareware: Programs for the Home & Family Featuring Backup Assistant, Calendar 98, Medinsure Magic, Easy Daily Notes, Frequency Filer, Easy Personal Labels & Zip Assistant.
  96. Shareware: Diego's Win95 Shareware Page 32 bit Windows Shareware
  97. Freeware: DdGames Free Original Windows 95 Games
  98. Shareware: Controlling Your Business 98 The Easiest, Point & Click Business Software Ever! Control all aspects of business, weather you have customers, products or provide a service. 5 Star
  99. Sharware and Freeware: CyberMatrix Corporation: Software Free Clipboard archiver, Internet bookmark utility, Visual Basic Tutorial, Unix Tutorial, Project time tracker
  100. Shareware: MidStream,Inc. Authors of Award Winning BusinessCards, PrivateEXE, 5-Or-More!, Color Hunt and Deep Pockets shareware!